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My Goal to be 40 pounds down in 2021

A lot of people start the year with a New Year‘s Resolution. Well, I guess I‘m not any different. I have a goal to lose 40 pounds in 2021. By the end of the year, I will lose 40 pounds. People who know me, know that I have struggled with my weight all my life. The last year and a half I was able to lose over a hundred pounds. I am excited, but I still have more weight to lose.

After losing the weight, the one thing I always knew was confirmed. No matter how smart I am or the degrees I obtain, society looks at you differently because of your weight. They label you lazy. I am the same hard working person that I have always been, but suddenly I am looked at differently and offered more opportunities. This was confirmed by someone close to me who saw the change in attitude of some of those around me. My choice to lose weight is because I want to be healthier and be a positive example for my family. I hope the choices you make are self driven and not to make others happy.


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