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Week 4 of Meal Prep

As we get busier, I can’t say enough how crucial it is to have a plan. This week and the past week, we have experienced ice and snow. Meal prep helped my family out tremendously. While many people were racing to the store for bread and milk, we smiled as we looked at the empty bread shelves. Our diet does not include bread or milk. We are blessed enough to have every meal planned and prepped as we work toward the entire family having a healthier lifestyle.

This week we had to change up a few of our meals. The kids were getting a little tired of the chicken breast as one of our meals. I found other keto friendly recipes to take the place of that meal. Variety is important as well. This week, I didn’t lose any weight, but I maintained what I loss and I need to measure myself again because my clothes feel looser. There are some wins from living a healthy life that don’t include weight loss. Go outside and play with the kids in the snow or you go out and enjoy it.

Exercise is critical to the success of our healthy living. I take every opportunity to move and enjoy this world. I encourage each of you to remain motivated to push toward your goals. We are living in a pandemic, but don’t allow the pandemic to be an excuse for you to not achieve your goals! You can and will achieve your goal!


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