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The Second Week of Meal Prepping

The entire family is meal prepping at my house. It is a lot of work, but the second week of preparing the food took a little less time. We will continue to work toward making this process easier. The benefits of meal prepping is definitely worth it. It takes the guesswork out and increases your chances for a healthy life style. Not to mention when you have a busy week and don’t have to hear, “What’s for dinner?”

Last week’s weigh in, I didn’t lose or gain weight, but my clothes feel a little loser. This is why it’s important to also take your measurements each week. On this Friday, I will weigh in and take my measurements. Now, let’s talk exercise. I had to slow down a bit on my exercise because of an injury, but I will gradually increase my exercise again. My cousin, Ken, has a facebook group called “Workout Anyway” where she will push you to your limit. I just get tired looking at her. Lol. But she is a motivator and I can tell a difference when I do her workouts, especially her squat challenges. They are intense but you see results. Having a plan for anything that you desire to achieve is critical to your success! Hey, if you didn’t quite achieve your goal last week, get up and start again! I will be 40 pounds down in 2021! What will you achieve?

These are some of the meals for this week’s meal prep. All are keto friendly. Below is a breakfast frittata with salsa, shrimp scampi with zucchini spirals, and a mesquite chicken breast and salad.


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