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The Struggle is Real

2.2 lbs down = 37.8 lbs remaining

It’s been a few days since I blogged. I’m happy to say I am 2.2 pounds down. I kept my carbs down around 50 each day. I didn’t exercise everyday, but I will pat myself on the back for writing down everything that went into my mouth. This is very important. Sometimes we think that a food doesn’t have that many calories. But after you write it down and look at the portion you ate, you can surprise yourself.

I did better with my water intake and didn’t let my daily carbohydrate intake go pass 60. I had an average of 1250 calories each day.

Although, I didn’t exercise every day I am proud that I did at least exercise. You set a goal and take gradual steps to reach that goal. This week to help me with getting my exercise done, I joined a 7 day exercise challenge with a few of my family members and friends.

Remember, tomorrow is a new day that you can start over again. Everyday is a new day to get it right. Good luck! We got this!!!🥰


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